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Apple/Android Control 5.1 AV Receiver DLNA WiFi

Pioneer VSX-527-K (VSX527K)
  • 5.1 AV Receiver, Internet Radio
  • 6 HDMI, USB 2.0, DLNA via WiFi LAN
  • 130W x 5 Channels Power, Remote App
  • Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio
  • Actual Colour: Black
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3D Ready Ipod, Iphone & MP3 WMA (Windows Media Audio) FLAC WiFi Ready DLNA Certified Made for i-Pod Made for i-Pod Dolby™ Pro-Logic IIx Dolby™ Pro-Logic 2 Dolby™ Digital 5.1 Dolby™ True HD Dolby™ Digital Plus DTS™ Neo 6 Music DTS™ HD 5.1 Channel x HDMI Connection/s x USB 2.0 Connection/s Bluetooth Enabled

If you are looking for a new AV home cinema receive that will bring and new lease of life to your existing AV equipment as well as future proof enough to welcome the 3D era then look no further than the Pioneer VSX-527-K 5.1ch Av receiver.

With a mic controlled auto calibration system the 527 A/V receiver means you can be confident of an optimized level of balanced and tonally correct audio, howsoever your room is furnished whilst the incorporation of DLNA enables integration with home networks (requires a Wi-Fi type LAN adapter (or plug in 'dongle')) and access to wireless, streamed audio content from compliant PCs and other, smart products.

This is further enhanced by specific incorporation of Apple's Air Play system to give direct, home network carried access to iTunes from appropriate devices.

The VSX-527 ensures you enjoy the best possible playback weather you are watching a film or listening to your favourite music. If you enjoy listening to music on your portable music device or MP3 player and want to achieve a better sound quality, the Pioneer VSX527 and it’s built in Advanced Sound Retriever is great for upscaling the sound quality of the compressed audio files, delivering a sound much closer to the original source.

The Pioneer VSX-527K has an HDMI repeater built in to its smooth black cabinet, so you only need a single HDMI cable to transfer video and audio digitally to the receiver, reducing the need for multiple cables.

If you are looking to take advantage of high definition via a Blu-ray player, then the Pioneer VSX527K is ideal as it is more than capable of running and processing 1080p (HD) signals, as well as supporting x.v.Colour, and Deep Colour for the reproduction of vibrant and like colours on screen. If you after a future proof Av home cinema then the Pioneer VSX527 is also for you as it features HDMI V1.4a so it is 3D ready if you decided to venture into the 3D market.

Another interesting feature of the Pioneer VSX-527K is that it as a Bluetooth receiver, so if you want to stream music from your phone, iPhone or PC it is now possible if you buy the Pioneer AS-BT200 adaptor separately.

Buy the Pioneer VSX-527-K and give your home entertainment a refreshing boost and future proof technology that is ready for the arrival of 3D home entertainment.

The Pioneer VSX527K is now available and via our special links at the very cheapest price, representing exceptional value for money.

July 2012

Specifications & Features

Manufacturers Technology Features
  • 3D Ready
  • Ipod, Iphone & MP3
  • dlna
  • MP3 (MPEG-3)
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio)
  • WAV (windows waveform audio)
  • FLAC
  • WiFi Ready
  • Bluetooth
  • DLNA Certified
  • Made for i-Pod
  • Made for i-Pod
  • iPod Compatible
  • iPod/iPhone Compatible
Sound & Power Output
  • Dolby™ Pro-Logic IIx
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby™ Pro-Logic 2
  • Dolby™ Digital EX
  • Dolby™ Digital 5.1
  • Dolby™ True HD
  • Dolby™ Digital Plus
  • DTS-HD Express
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • DTS 96/24
  • DTS™ Neo 6 Music
  • DTS™ Neo 6 Cinema
  • DTS™ ES
  • DTS™ HD
  • 130 W Power Output Per Channel
  • 5.1 Channel
  • Input/s - 6, Output/s - 1 x HDMI Connection/s
  • Input/s 3, Output/s - 1 x Composite Video Connection/s
  • Input/s 1 x Optical Terminal Connection/s
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Connection/s
  • 1 x Ethernet Connection
  • iPod Connection
  • Input/s 1 x Co-axial Digital Connection/s
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • 1 x Subwoofer Pre-Out Connection/s
  • Mic Input
Accessories Supplied
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Mains Cable
  • Batteries
Power,Weight & Dimensions
  • 435 x 168 x 342.5 mm mm (W/H/D) Dimensions
  • 8.9 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
  • AC 220 - 230 V / 50/60 Hz Power Supply
  • 450 W Power Consumption
  • 0.45 W Standby Power Consumption

    The VSX527K AV Amplifier/Receiver is also known as:

    VSX527K, VSX-527-K, VSX 527 K

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