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About Sound & Vision

For over a decade, Sound & Vision has been at the forefront of specialist, discount AV mail order. What had been the preserve of a number of southern retailers for many years was gradually developed by our founders and a growing team of like-minded enthusiasts.

By continually reinvesting in a select few brands and developing an increasingly fresh, focused approach to buying by concentrating on key technologies (like widescreen in the early '90s and plasma in recent times) the company has built up an enviable reputation for bulk stock holding and the ability to deliver not just at lower prices than the competition but also more conveniently for and to the customer.

Sound & Vision also realised that there was a need for a little less techno babble in selling the products, several of it's staff are ex-customers and all deal with enquiries on a 'user level' rather than trying to blind with science, something our customers have appreciated during this time.

Many of our longest standing customers have become familiar faces and we are always delighted to discuss issues over the phone or welcome travelers into the store. It's a constant delight to meet people from all over the country who will travel to us for 'The Aladdin's Cave Experience': not only can we demo most of the hottest AV products but people can take products away, there and then.

Indeed, the friendly bustle of the store typifies the nature of the company and creates the sort of energy and vibe that customers and staff alike enjoy.

But for those seeking the competitiveness and convenience of a mail order service, then we have probably more specific experience of high end product distribution than most. Experience that means you can rely on a prompt and quality of delivery service second to none.

And you'll also find it refreshing to talk to human beings who will chat and discuss applications rather than simply hand out prices with little or no apparent interest!

Over the years our formula has been a runaway success story and there are now many imitators but we are still pre-eminent in the specialised AV mail order market. Few can match our experience, range and stockholding.

We look forward to serving you soon.

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16th May 2021