The period of cover quoted INCLUDES the manufacturers warranty period and is only applicable on selected models.

5 Year Warranty Plan Covers:

The warranty covers the repairs to or the replacement of your product in the event of a fault caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Within the warranty period, Sound and Vision will always, subject to terms and conditions, repair your product unless a) we are unable to repair it; or b) we are unable to obtain the spare parts to repair it; or c) we can replace it for less than the cost of the repair.

In the event of your product being replaced, we will replace it with a product of the same or similar make and specification, at our discretion. In this instance, you must pay Sound and Vision any delivery and/or installation charges incurred.

In the event that a reasonable replacement cannot be arranged we will pay you a contribution towards the price of a new product. This will normally be based on the benefit had from the goods.

5 Year Warranty Does Not Cover:

The warranty will not cover repairs or replacement when the product is still covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty. The warranty provided by us also doesn’t cover problems arising from:

  1. The product incurring accidental damage.
  2. Any damages caused by floods, storms, lightening, frost or other bad weather.
  3. Cosmetic damage to the product such as dents or scratches to the product.
  4. The theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or damage caused by fire or explosion.
  5. The use of the product in a non-domestic or commercial environment.
  6. The recall of a product by us, or the manufacturer.
  7. Damage and costs incurred with gaining access to cables within the fabric of a building or wall.
  8. Claims arising by failing to install the plasma screen as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. The damage incurred by not wall mounting the product as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  10. Costs incurred due to problems with unusual physical or electrical stress, burned screen or software interface.
  11. The repair of pixel failure where the number and or the location is not in excess of the manufacturer’s acceptable limit.
  12. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  13. Any modification to the product.
  14. The cost incurred for the delivery of the product to and from the repair agent.
  15. The cost of delivery and installation of a product which has been replaced.
  16. When no fault is found with product after initial inspection.
  17. Problems resulting by the supply of electricity.
  18. Problems arising during routine maintenance, cleaning and servicing of the product.
  19. Any additional labor charges incurred for work outside the repairer’s normal working hours.
  20. Any costs incurred from not being able to use your product or from damage caused when the product breaks down, including any costs to remove the faulty product.
  21. Repairs to products carried out outside the United Kingdom, unless we agree otherwise in writing.
  22. Replacement of any item or accessory that is intended to be replaceable. These include: Remote control units, fuses, batteries, cables and plugs.
  23. Any cost incurred from the change from analogue to digital broadcasting.
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23rd April 2021