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Recycling and the WEEE Directive

What is WEEE?

With effect from July 2007, the UK's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations obliges all producers of electrical equipment to pay for recycling of household electrical goods. Previously this bill was met by councils, or items were not recycled at all. These regulations also require that all retailers both actively assist in delivering a UK-wide WEEE collection infrastructure and encourage the participation of consumers in recycling electronic equipment.

Where can I recycle my electrical goods?

Not all council sites are suitable to collect all types of waste electrical goods, so to find out your nearest participating site (including other collection facilities that may not be operated by the council) visit Recycle-more's 'Bank Locator' and enter your postcode.


Where can I learn more?

For advice on all aspects of recycling, including recycling of waste electronic equipment, please visit www.recycle-more.co.uk where you can find out the locations of collection points near to you. The website offers a fun and easy way to explore the world of recycling and how to minimise the effect that you have on the environment.

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