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KHT2005.3 System
5.1 Speaker System with KUBE Active Subwoofer
Low Priced KEF KHT2005.3 (KUBE-2) 5.1 AV Home Cinema System-4x HTS2001.3, 1x HTC2001.3 and KUBE-2 Active Subwoofer
  • KEF KUBE Powered Subwoofer
  • Available via selected site(s)
  • 200w Class D Amp; Long Throw Driver
  • High gloss black finish
More InfoVideo Review available  Best price: £599.97Further Assistance
KHT3005SE System
5.1 System with a KUBE-2 Active Subwoofer
Kef KHT3005SE System 5.1 System with a KUBE-2 Active Subwoofer
  • Uni-Q driver
  • Available at selected site(s)
  • Magnetically shielded Subwoofer
  • Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR)
More Info Best price: £999.00Further Assistance
All 2 results shown
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KEF is one of the UK’s leading speaker brands, with a huge range of loudspeakers, universally designed for every purpose and every budget.

Whether you want to buy a pair of speakers for your hifi system, an instant 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound speaker package or even some custom install in wall or in ceiling speakers, KEF will have something for you. KEF audio is the ultimate speaker manufacturer, producing a vast range of multi-purpose speakers to suit all budgets, from affordable low price speakers to high end limited edition speakers at a premium price.

KEF acoustics speaker catalogue includes bookshelf speakers, centre speakers, rear speaker, bipole and dipole speakers, floor-standing speakers and custom install speakers. KEF also has a range of outdoor, waterproof and all-weather loudspeakers that are suitable for a garden or pool areas. Last year KEF also introduced a range of i-Pod docks and docking stations which are suitable for the latest iPod, iPhone and MP3 players. One area of the speaker market that KEF dominates is the AV home cinema speaker systems, challenging specialist premium brands like BandW, Bose, Monitor Audio, Dali Mission and Mordant Short.

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KEF ltd is not a new to the world of AV and Hi-fi, with a history dating back almost 50 years. In the 50 years that KEF has been specialising in speakers, they have developed some outstanding and acoustically pleasing speakers, and subwoofers. The development and innovation of speakers have lead to dramatic improvements to tweeters, drivers and connections. From this focus KEF’s famous Uni-Q drivers have been formed. UniQ are now found in the majority of KEF’s latest loudspeakers, helping them deliver acoustic clarity.

Apart from the standard AV and Hifi speakers, KEF have become well known for their range of limited edition speakers and specialist high-end ranges that are still talked about today.

The AV and Hifi enthusiasts amongst you might remember the previous KEF speaker ranges that have been and gone. Some of the product ranges you might remember include Duette, Fivetwo, Picafort,Caprice, Calinda and the Transmission line or the Concerto, Concord, Carina, Carlton, Blade, Cadenza, Cantata, Coda, the Celeste or the Ventura Range. If you are lucky enough to own a pair of these classic speakers, you will find that with good servicing and repairs they will latest you a while or alternately speak to the Sound and Vision sales team about upgrading to the latest models. If you need parts for these speakers, or you like the idea of some traditional KEF speakers then speak to the Sound and Vision sales team who will help and advice you. As with all appliances people tend to misplace, or not read their manuals, so if you get stuck, speak to the KEF trained sales team as Sound and Vision as they are fully experienced, with a great knowledge of the spec and usage of all the KEF speakers.

As these vintage speaker ranges have become obsolete, they have made way for the current, high performing ranges from KEF. Today some of the latest ranges from KEF including, IQ, The Reference Series, XQ Series, C Series and Q Series. There are also a range of instant home cinema kits, including the multi-award winning KHT series and soundbars. To compliment the loudspeakers, KEF has a great range of active and passive subwoofers including the KUBE subwoofers, the HTB range of sub-woofers and psw subwoofers. Fine tuning and improved expertise has led to KEF producing the best active subwoofers, which will give your home theater speaker system an extra boost. The current KEF speakers are not THX certified but they are more than capable of producing a sound quality that rivals any other THX certified speaker range.

Those of you who have expensive tastes, and strive to have the best speakers money can buy should look at the exclusive Moun Range which are limited edition floorstanders from KEF. The KEF Moun floorstanding loudspeakers are the cream of the crop when it comes to high-end speakers.

The KEF Moun floor speakers tower over the listener standing around 7ft tall. The high polished chrome finish exemplifies 21st century living in all its glory, making them a true statement piece as well as the ultimate piece of audio equipment. With a bargain price tag of around £140,000, many of us will just have to admire them from a distance, and envy those people who have the space and budget to own them.

The majority of KEF speakers cannot be bought online, therefore they need to be purchased from Sound and Vision who is an authorised KEF dealer. Keep that in mind if you see any KEF products for sale on eBay, because they should not be there. As an authorized dealer, Sound and Vision work direct with KEF, selling official KEF loudspeakers and demonstrating them in their shop. Sound and Vision, the official KEF retailers will be the first with the latest news, reviews and offers from KEF, passing their expert knowledge on to their customers. In the Sound and Vision shop, you will find a dedicated KEF demo room, full with the latest KEF speakers. Sound and Vision also have a web site, where you will find the full price list of speakers and you can buy the speakers that can be mail ordered including the Ci series at a low price.

With such a superior range including AV speakers, Hifi Speakers, in wall and in ceiling speakers, home cinama speakers and subwoofers, KEF will definitely have something to meet your needs and requirements. There is a pair of KEF speakers to suit every purpose in your home; you could have satellite speakers mounted on brackets in your kitchen or bedroom, floorstanders in your lounge, water-proof in ceiling speakers in your bathroom, and all weather, outdoor speakers outside in your garden around your patio. With the right electronics, connections, adaptors and cables you can distribute sound including, music and radio, all round your home.

AV Home Cinema

One of the main uses AV enthusiasts have for KEF speakers is to place them within their home entertainment system. It is amazing the difference a good surround system makes to a standard DVD disc or Blu-ray video, creating a whole new cinematic experience at home compared to stereo sound. KEF acoustic speakers perform well in a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel surround sound speaker setup. The KEF speakers perform superbly in an AV surround sound setup, and have no problem processing high definition audio. 5.1 surround sound speaker systems tend to be the most popular choice, using a pair of front speakers, a centre speaker, a pair of rear speakers and a powered subwoofer. Ideally the front speakers should be placed on either side of the television or projector screen, and the center speaker should be placed above or below the screen as well. The centre speaker is one of the most important tools in the speaker arrangement as it carries around 60% of the dialogue. The Sound and Vision sales team might advise the customer that the best placement for the rear speakers is behind the viewer. This is the best location as it adds to the whole surround sound effects creating a true cinema experience. The subwoofer is an important element as it picks up the lower frequencies to add depth to the on screen action. To get the most out of your theatre speaker package you need a good amplifier or receiver that is capable of handling a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speaker systems. Good manufacturers that produce some ace AV receivers are brands like, Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer and Sony. Some of the high end amps have the ability of running 9.2 and 11.2 speaker systems.

KEF loudspeakers are sold in pairs, making it easy for you to change your 5.1 channels surround speaker system in to a 7.1ch. The additional speakers in a 7.1ch speaker system fit between the rear speakers and the front speakers, giving you more of a surround effect. The KEF loudspeakers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Popular colours of speakers include black ash, cherry, walnut, gloss black, white, rose wood and mahogany. When it comes to the surround speakers, KEF offer all types, including compact bookshelf speakers, towering floor standing speakers, mini satellite speakers, and soundbars. There are also speakers that can be used specifically as monitor speakers for a pc or laptop. The speakers come in all different sizes and as a general rule, the bigger the speakers the deeper the sound and wider and frequency range is. The KEF Speakers are made to such a high quality and they all have great crossovers, for the perfect sound quality.
Home cinema speaker packages.

The best way to recreate a super cinematic experience in your own home is to buy a specialist home cinema surround sound speaker system.

KEF has a fantastic range of speaker all in one 5.1 home theatre kits. The KEF KHT speakers are one of the most popular home cinema surround sound speaker packages on the market. The most popular KEF all in one speaker solution is the KEF KHT2005 speaker system. Now in its third generation, the KEF eggs KHT-2005 system is an affordable system that will start you off on the road to cinematic haven. This KEF surround sound cinema system has won many awards over the years, and it is famous magnetically shielded egg shaped speakers. The KHT2005 has been nicked named the “egg” system because of its unusual aluminium shaped speaker, which delivers acoustic bliss and high performance from their rounded design. Over the years the KEF KHT speaker systems have won multiple awards, and have received some outstanding reviews. The speaker systems in the KEF KHT range are finished to the highest standard with the majority of finishes in gloss black. The speakers are finished in gloss black to compliment the latest AV equipment and televisions, as these speakers are used in a home cinema environment more that a Hifi stereo 2.1 system. The speaker systems are available as a 5.1 speaker system, but the satellite speakers can be bought as pairs to create a 7.1 or 9.1 speaker system.

With the KHT KEF surround sound speakers yo
u also have an active subwoofer. In the 50 years KEF has been creating speakers, the art of perfecting the ideal subwoofer has also been achieved. The black gloss active KUBE and HTB subwoofers compliment the speakers picking up the lower frequencies.

KEF have also introduced a surround speaker system that puts a twist on the standard 5.1 speaker set ups. New to 2010 KEF have launched a surround sound speaker system that features a sound bar rather than front speakers and a centre speaker. The surround sound speaker bar has been engineered to reflect sound towards the viewer eliminating the need for speakers on each side of the screen. The speaker has been speciality design to compliment the latest televisions, fitting above or below LCD and plasma televisions from 32 inches. The speaker systems that include the surround sound speaker bar also include a pair of rear speaker and an active powered subwoofer.

With some of the speaker systems, cables can be a problem, if you are unable to run the speaker wire under a carpet. To solve this problem KEF have introduced some wireless systems that use wireless rear speakers. This wireless technology gives to the flexibility of having rear speakers without the ugly wires.
Kef speakers are not always the cheapest, but to put your mind at ease, and to prove that KEF speakers are superior and worth every penny, they come with a 5 year warranty.

Custom install
A discreet solution to your home cinema setup could be to install some in ceiling or in wall speakers. Over the past 50 years, KEF has developed a range of high quality, high performing custom install speakers, which are known as the Ci Series. This extensive speaker range covers all types of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, and all budgets. Installing some in-ceiling or in wall speakers, offer a solution to unsightly wires and cables, delivering a wireless surround effect. The speakers range from specialist in wall speakers and subwoofers, to motorised and discrete in ceiling speakers. KEF’s Ci speakers can be used in all types of environments with customers buying the speakers for their yachts and saunas. KEF must be good, as their custom install speakers are often used by commercial companies and are installed in offices, stations, and even museums.

A bargain range of in ceiling speakers from KEF the Ci50’s. These custom install speakers are available in a wide range of finishes including brass, chrome, silver, black and white, so they will match a wide range of interior. The KEF audio in-wall speakers are available in white or paintable finishes. With a paintable finish you are able to match the speakers to the wall colour, blending them in to you home interior making them wife friendly. From this budget range of in ceiling speakers, comes the more advanced specialist, high-end custom install speaker range.

The KEF Ci series uses advance audio technology, with advanced engineering along with design to bring you the very best custom installation speakers. Each speaker module in the Ci range has been finely tuned to deliver the most superior and accurate sound, whether you are a watching a film or listing to music from the stereo. KEF also has a Ci speaker range that is cleverly disguised as spot lights known as the KEF Soundlight speaker. The Soundlight speaker means you do not have to sacrifices spotlighting in a room to make way for in ceiling speakers –you can have the best or both worlds. The Soundlight blends spot lights and speakers together delivering a super discreet finish. As well the on wall speakers and on ceiling speakers, KEF has a range of motorized speakers that will only appear when you want them too. With the specialist motor on the speakers, simply hit a button to make them appear, and enjoy an impressive studio sound quality.
Custom install speakers work in just the same way as floor standing, or bookshelf speakers in a home cinema set up. You still have the choice of a 5.1 or 7.1 home entertainment cinema set up, and you still require a subwoofer and AV amplifier or receiver and a good length of speaker cable.

Speaker accessories
There are lots of different types of speaker accessories that will further enhance the performance of the KEF speakers. If you are short on surface space in your home and cinema room, many of the KEF speakers have dedicated speaker stands that compliment the design, and enhance the performance. One of the popular models of speakers KEF produce speaker stands for the KEF egg speakers in the AV home cinema speaker packages. Also available are speaker spikes and speaker cable. Speaker cable can make a huge difference to the overall performance of a pair of speakers, the better quality speaker cable you buy, the better and cleaner sound you will achieve. For mounting your speakers on the wall KEF also have specialist wall mounts and brackets, specifically designed for individual KEF speakers.

Kef is not the cheapest speaker brand on the market but it is bay far one of the best. As a UK company based in Maidstone, KEF has no problem competing in German, of Dutch brands like Jamo and Dali. When you come to the KEF stockist Sound and Vision make sure you demo the latest speakers in the specialist KEF demo room in Bolton. When you visit Sound and Vision in Bolton on the outskirts on Manchester, you will be guaranteed the right pricing, best deals, with no shipping costs. The sales team will be on hand to support and assist you in your purchase, matching the right speakers to your needs and budget. They will also be on hand to advise you on the right settings for your receiver and amplifier to ensure your new KEF speakers are working properly and that you get the most out of them. On the Sound and Vision website, be sure to have a look at our clearance section and review section, and watch the latest video reviews on some of the KEF products that are on sale.


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