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One of the main uses AV enthusiasts have for KEF speakers is to place them within their home entertainment system. It is amazing the difference a good surround system makes to a standard DVD disc or Blu-ray video, creating a whole new cinematic experience at home compared to stereo sound. KEF acoustic speakers perform well in a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel surround sound speaker setup. The KEF speakers perform superbly in an AV surround sound setup, and have no problem processing high definition audio. 5.1 surround sound speaker systems tend to be the most popular choice, using a pair of front speakers, a centre speaker, a pair of rear speakers and a powered subwoofer. Ideally the front speakers should be placed on either side of the television or projector screen, and the center speaker should be placed above or below the screen as well. The centre speaker is one of the most important tools in the speaker arrangement as it carries around 60% of the dialogue. The Sound and Vision sales team might advise the customer that the best placement for the rear speakers is behind the viewer. This is the best location as it adds to the whole surround sound effects creating a true cinema experience. The subwoofer is an important element as it picks up the lower frequencies to add depth to the on screen action. To get the most out of your theatre speaker package you need a good amplifier or receiver that is capable of handling a 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speaker systems. Good manufacturers that produce some ace AV receivers are brands like, Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer and Sony. Some of the high end amps have the ability of running 9.2 and 11.2 speaker systems.

KEF loudspeakers are sold in pairs, making it easy for you to change your 5.1 channels surround speaker system in to a 7.1ch. The additional speakers in a 7.1ch speaker system fit between the rear speakers and the front speakers, giving you more of a surround effect. The KEF loudspeakers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Popular colours of speakers include black ash, cherry, walnut, gloss black, white, rose wood and mahogany. When it comes to the surround speakers, KEF offer all types, including compact bookshelf speakers, towering floor standing speakers, mini satellite speakers, and soundbars. There are also speakers that can be used specifically as monitor speakers for a pc or laptop. The speakers come in all different sizes and as a general rule, the bigger the speakers the deeper the sound and wider and frequency range is. The KEF Speakers are made to such a high quality and they all have great crossovers, for the perfect sound quality.

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