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Philips Tv

Philips fly the flag for European flat screen Tv design and show that the Eastern countries are not the only manufacturers who can design brilliant high performance Tv sets.

The latest Philips series of LCD Tv and LED Television yet again show that when it comes to design, innovation and out and out image performance, Philips are one of the real leaders in flat panel tv design.

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Yet again taking the coveted Eisa award with their amazing 9000 series Philips Tv, Philips are a serious Tv producer for those who want something a little different but with the image power that is unsurpassed technically. Boasting a level of manufacture that is really difficult to find these days of heavily discounted mass market electronics, Philips Tv maintain a firm hold on those searching for the ultimate in HD Tv performance.

Philips LED Tv

Philips LED Televisions introduce heightened levels of home cinema tv performance with class leading brightness levels and contrast levels. Designed with the end user in mind, coupled to ultra fast LCD Tv panel architecture and refresh rates that you simply cannot find from other Tv manufacturers, Philips LED are about raw image performance that will blow your mind. Add to this ultra advanced processing via pixel plus and pixel precise and it represents an unbeatable combination.

Philips 3D Tv

Achieving levels of 3D performance that the competition simply cannot match is what Philips 3D Tv is about. Described in one magazine as offering “the finest 3D image ever created on an LED Tv” Philips 3D television is the simple choice for all your 3D HDTv enjoyment. Philips have also been bold in offering both types of 3D within their very effective 3D Tv range. By offering both passive 3D and also active 3D tv allows you to decide on what works for you, both in investment and level of ability. So grab yourself the ultimate in 3D home entertainment today, and see why your 3d d HD PS3 / X Box 360 gaming, Blu Ray and Sky 3D HD will not look the same again with Philips 3D Tv.

Philips Smart Tv

Introducing Smart Tv on the Philips range is the real smart option for multimedia Tv entertainment. With Wifi or Ethernet input options, simple to use Philips Apps and a wealth of online entertainment, Philips Smart Tv gets you exactly what you want to watch when you want to watch it. All your firm internet favourites are only a click away and with full networking via DLNA, plus some of the very best full 1080p processing , your multimedia viewing will simply look amazing; Beware of pale imitations!

Philips Ambilight Tv

Prepare to expand you viewing experience with Philip`s award winning Ambilight. By cleverly projecting a light source from the rear of the tv which works in synergy with the Philips Tv set it has the effect of enlarging the widescreen effect whilst also providing a more interactive and more involving HDTv experience. With automatic adjustments for rear wall distance and colour (wall adaptive) as well as auto lighting adjustment to image, this is a perfect home cinema experience that simply immerses you into the tv picture.

With a full range of tvs at various sizes from smaller 19”Tv upto 46”Tv and 58”Tv, Philips offer the real deal of quality HDTv; and with the level of technical ability and build simply cascading throughout the whole Philips high definition LED Tv range you can be assured of receiving the ultimate in television performance, no matter what the budget.


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