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Panasonic TX-L47DT65B (TXL47DT65B)
47 Inch Smart VIERA LED TV Full HD 3D WiFi ISF Cal
  • 47 inch Smart VIERA 3D HD LED TV
  • Full HD 24p 1600Hz Backlight Scan
  • Smart Engine Pro Clear Panel Pro
  • VIERA Connect WiFi Smooth Streaming
  • Colour: Silver

The TX-L47DT65 develops the Panasonic Smart VIERA series of Full High Definition optimised, LED backlit 3D TV to a new level of style and sophistication where superb picture quality and convenience meet to fantastic effect.

By selecting the 47 inch DT65B series VIERA, the user will be aware of the TVs super narrow bezel ultra thin dimensions, an effect magnified by the incredibly slender, metallic, frame construction and an extremely low profile pedestal table stand; peerless elegance pointing to the incredible performance within.

Of course, like high end Panasonic VIERA televisions before, TX-L47DT65B specializes in establishing new standards in picture clarity and with this particular variety of 47 inch VIERA LED TV, the impact is so tremendous that the enthusiast's natural tendency to defer to the plasma TV screen for home cinema and general television duties is severely tested, as gorgeous style and market leading performance blend to deliver very much a total solution to the often confusing arena of large screen, flat panel TV selection.

The IPS Alpha Panel within this 47 inch DT65 Smart VIERA set completely overcomes the commonly suffered LED or LCD problem of restricted viewer (seat position) angles through cleverly adjusting the HD panelís scope of backlit dispersal, delivering a remarkable sweep of nearly 180 degrees so just about everyone in the room can enjoy a full bodied, contrast rich picture, although the TV achieves one of its greatest advances in the more than doubling (compared to the ET60 series VIERA LED TVs) of panel drive: 1600 Hertz which is a class defining refresh rate for LED television and means simply unmatched naturalness of and during fast action film and sports sequences.

Furthermore, the TX-L47DT65 includes Clear Panel Pro, a high end screen filter designed to cope with interfering reflections commonly occurring in domestic environments which works to allow maintenance of the LED TVís natural, crisp, non-opaque, black level treatment.

The 47DT65B underlines its High End credentials further still through the incorporation of an ISF calibration mode which through (semi) professional adjustment (a certified engineer is ideal but the keen amateur can perform the tweaks) will avail the viewer of picture screen settings best suited to the sets individual installation and as such, delivers a consistently fantastic and vibrant result, even in daylight.

Similarly to the range topping Smart VIERA plasma screen TVs, this TX-L47DT65B Full HD television serves up a secondary Freesat HD tuner which (using the same dish set up as a Sky system) gives the user another source for completely free of charge, HDTV programme reception.

Naturally, critical aspects from Panasonicís Smart VIERA Engine Pro system are on board the 47DT65B, introducing special processing like the Microsoft Smooth Streaming logic to allow realistic (i.e. DVD picture grade) internet download, video replay and fabulous colour tonality whilst unlike most LED TVs out there, there is also a credible sonic aspect to this super slim set (known as 3D Real Sound) which utilises an 8 unit array of ultra compact speakers with matching, similarly slight, built in subwoofer, all of which creates a respectable audio projection even in larger rooms.

Using the polarized 3D system, the TX-L-47DT65 ensures film fans benefits from 4 pairs of lightweight glasses, free of charge and included in the box.

Simultaneously, the TXL47DT65B ensures all Apps pertaining to the Panasonic VIERA Connect system are featured for easy, convergent, on screen access to face book, twitter, Skype and all other internet browser based activities whilst if the home uses a wireless network, in built Wi-Fi enables full, cable free connections to suitable Blu-ray and smart phone type apparatus.

The Panasonic TX-L47DT65 approaches the summit of what is available with HD, designer LED, 3DTV and once youíve concluded it probably is about as good as LED TV gets, it is really only a matter of buying the best for less so to buy with the UK leading discounts, order via the selection of cheapest price, market beating deals on this page.

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22nd January 2021