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Panasonic TX-L50ET60B (TXL50ET60B)
50 Inch Full HD 3D, WiFi, dlna, Smart VIERA LED TV
  • 50 inch Smart VIERA 3D LED dlna TV
  • Full HD 24p 600Hz Backlight Scan
  • New VIERA Connect, On Screen Apps
  • WiFi, Catch Up TV, IPS Wide Viewing
  • Colour: Silver

The superb Panasonic 50 inch TX-L50ET60 represents another benchmark, full high def, 3D, backlit LED TV from the performance end of their revised, Smart VIERA range and delivers a picture quality generally found only via high end plasma TVs.

With a TV screen framed by an ultra thin, super narrow bezel frame surround design, the mirrored beauty of this 50 inch ET60B VIERA LED panel looks as if it is floating; this stunning visual design is augmented by the TV panels advanced wide angle viewing capability (known as In Plane Switching, a technique that manipulates the backlit LED apertures) to accommodate 178 degrees across the viewing area with no loss of contrast and a panel driver (screen refresh) rate of 600 Hertz which maintains exceptional, natural image flow even during the fastest action scenes or hyperactive sports events where the camera pans rapidly left to right and back again (in which respect the 50ET60 is pound for pound, on a different level to any alternative LED TV currently on sale in the market.)

The ET60 is also a 3D LCD television with the option of 2D to 3D conversion allowing standard TV and (DVD) video to be viewed in a high calibre, pseudo 3D which is ideal for one off cultural or sporting events where the atmosphere may be significantly enhanced by recreating 3D.

Practically, this 50ET60B 3D HD television not only enhances the VIERA Media Player function thanks to an additional hard disk drive or USB device direct record facility wherby you simply plug in and record whatever is on the screen - but continues with all the individual App segments of the enhanced Panasonic VIERA Connect service, enabling you to web browse, steam online video with favourites like You Tube, as well as interact via twitter, Face book and communicate via Skype (any of these whilst watching the TV simultaneously, if required) but also enhancing internet video downloads to a near DVD standard with Microsoft compliant Smooth Streaming Technology.

Arriving fully WiFi active, the TXL50ET60 is primed for instant connection to any domestic (dlna) network (e.g. using compatible blu-ray hardware) so for the consumer seeking a truly outstanding example of Full HD, sleek designed LED that provides all the essential ingredients for smart TV convenience plus the finest in 3D, cinema class viewing, this HDTV recommends itself.

We have dedicated well over twenty years observing the TV market price trends and the bargains have never been stronger; best ever picture quality and new levels of connected convenience in a market defined by ferocious competition and within this context, the Panasonic TX-L50ET60B is a class act and one we heartily commend.

All you have to do is select from the bargain best buys, listed and then click the links above and enjoy the cheapest prices for the best flat screen TVs in the UK.

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11th July 2020